Improving education: a commitment by all

Improving education: a commitment by allFirst of all it is good to clarify that studied in our dear old school San Jose in the days when it was a private institution. So as you read: the flagship of our public schools was private: Private water supply, private laboratories, private licensed teachers, fans, bathrooms, new books … everything.

Four hundred and twenty My colleagues and I apretujabamos us in eleven rooms around a golf chipping where we gathered a jubilant playtime under the harsh sun of 10 in the morning having freed us happy, at least temporarily the endless suffering of algebra and the endless nightmare of accounting.

Sometimes we took refuge in the library, where I was happy browsing and perusing books whose print was produced two decades ago. I was happy, I say, because I was addicted to reading biographies and copies those hoary allowed me to have the first contact with Einstein, Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes, Dumas, Boccaccio … Ricardo, my inseparable friend 6. B apparently was not entirely satisfied with the offer of that room antique literature and once I shared it with all the seriousness it could show the mamagallista course, the fear that one day I would run into a dragon or a beast camouflaged among prehistoric specimens covered with dust and garbage.

I remember when I first grade of secondary school (sixth grade we would say today), student council leaders, that they were very old types, such as 17, were leading a protracted struggle by two major claims: the construction of a new headquarters where we could accommodate us all better and the appointment of qualified teachers, with university degree. It is good to note that at the time the education system in the region It worked their vacancies going to normal school teachers and graduates “from before”, who according to popular criterion knew more than the graduates of these times.

We had many shortcomings and desire: in the afternoon we had a group of studies in which each one illustrating their peers on issues that were his domain. So, Ricardo (the mamagallista that he was afraid of dragons), told us math and in return helping you to understand the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, with the end result that I learned how to count very well the deaths caused by all wars Central but I could not find a suitable method to teach that wars are useless confrontations created by rulers overrun futility to find peaceful means for conflict resolution.

Two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, we had our Philosophical Studies Center, led by Professor Vicente Salcedo, who sacredly fulfilled this commitment without being recognized overtime without that particular exercise of the chair was linked to the Institutional Educational Project because it had not even been invented. The teacher made us love Vicente philosophy, perhaps unknowingly, we cast into the discipline of punctuality that has helped us so much throughout our lives. Plus they did not charge for this task, which met with pleasure, regaled us with a delicious snack from the old Javie cooperative.

The teachers were trying to give classes and was so in the times of sunrise called unanimously “virriosos some good.” I translate: they were very feverish with his work and did not spare us a single minute class. And all this at a time when delayed two, three, four and five months without pay.

In fact, the school had nothing but had everything; and transcribe all that in a few words: cool fully to the work of teaching and learning dedication.

Life has given us many opportunities and some have been able to decant the trails of life with hard work planting and harvesting with glee. And today, even with sack full of seeds and hands full of fruit I thank God and my teachers what they could do for me in those beloved private classrooms but the material provided with an immense desire to learn every day.

Automation Training for Professional Growth

Automation Training for Professional GrowthWe are housing a technological revolution where objects interact with each other making our life much easier. Most of our technological objects of everyday smart because they can communicate and are connected to the Internet or to each other .

All this innovation is being applied to new construction installation kit home automation in homes and cities , and even in existing homes. Home automation need each day less economic investment and more and more the benefits as it will allow us to make our home more efficient home and we save a lot of time and money making our home more functional improving our quality of life.

Home automation is experiencing a great boom thanks to projects like Arduino or free hardware and training and specialization in this field offers great career opportunities. Automation courses allow you to acquire the knowledge to carry out projects and automation facilities .

Also home automation is a field that offers many possibilities , you can become an expert in home automation or a particular branch . We strongly recommend a course of training in basic home automation and then specialize in an area such as automation or energy efficiency.

Being a specialist in smart homes will open doors wherever you go , but electrical training is constant and innovation in this area is finds . Home automation is the future and will make you grow not only professionally but also economically since the income of specialists in this electric field have a much higher pay.

The Law on Local Education

The Law on Local EducationOn April 10 it will be a year since the special committee working on the draft of a law on provincial Education meets to discuss from educational policy to infrastructure problems. And around 12 titles have been proposed document will only have been able to define one. While team members as the holder of UDAP , Graciela Lopez , considered that there are delays in the work , the chairwoman of the Education Committee in the Lower House , Cristina Lopez, who in 2013 had estimated in media statements that the task would end this month said the draft ” is not green ,” defended the done and suggested that could be completed later this year.

“We took a rules and Title I of the Act, which established the basic principles and the gaze of the law paradigmatic ended. For example , look at education as a state policy and the student as a subject of law , not as a blank slate , “said the deputy in his role as spokesperson for the special committee , which includes representatives from all related sectors area , from the Minister of Education to the guilds and groups of pupils.

Last year they began working in Title II of the initiative. On 19 February last scheduled meetings resume , but ” the province with the rains was a mess and several departmental representatives on the commission . Then he began to postpone for the joint , so this is hardly resolved, we hope to meet again, ” said the lawmaker , adding that ” agreeing delay makes everything and there are things that are beyond the commission. ” The draft will then be submitted to as a project and is treated first and then commissions on site. However , it is anticipated that when completed, given the range of views within the special committee receives few changes and becomes law at short notice .

Some key points discussed are:

Sexual – Education: already defined that only general guidelines proposed imitating the National Education Act ( 26.206 ) and citing the Law on Sexual Education, considering ” the right guy to receive information relating to others , to be given sex education comprehensively beyond genital , caring and have respect for the other person , “said Cristina Lopez.

- Funding: One of the points demanded by the majority of the local teachers union , UDAP , is the early definition in the draft which should receive funding and education in San Juan , which largely determines the wage policy. This issue was addressed last year in committee and was pending resolved because Education Minister , Cristina Diaz could not be at the meeting where the issue was discussed . “It is important the opinion of the Minister , not a whimsical position but because it has access to Treasury numbers ,” said the lawmaker .

-K : “National law establishes mandatory 5 years and raises the ‘ universalization ‘ of 4 years. Early education is important , in fact the country is moving in the 4 with the Five Year Plan and San Juan is applied to the Initial Level Schools ( ENI) that have built many . But it is an issue that has to be seen well, for making it mandatory Garden 4 years is more complex, you have to see for example if there is infrastructure , budget to incorporate teachers and schools do , “said Lopez.

Interdisciplinary Cabinets : On these teams providing services in schools , consisting of various professionals such as psychologists or social workers , Lopez said ” Ideally, one per school, to detect learning problems, school violence , but do not work with ideal but with effort and practice is difficult to implement it . “

Canadian Universities Consortium Takes Academic Missions in Colombia

Canadian Universities Consortium Takes Academic Missions in ColombiaSince March 3 , the Canadian Universities Consortium ( SOUP ) initiated a series of academic missions in Colombia to promote the agreement signed in February with the Consortium of Universities Accredited Challenge Your Knowledge ( CCYK ) .

As part of the signing of this agreement an agreement that will facilitate the exchange in postgraduate education and mechanisms for the development of mobility programs that allow Colombian students who are advancing their doctoral studies in Canada be established was also signed , undertake part of their research project in partnership with Colombia Colombian institutions to develop research and are recognized by Colciencias . Similarly , Colombian students pursuing doctoral studies in Colombia will carry out part of their research project with members CALDO universities .

SOUP is a consortium of the Universities of Alberta , Laval, Dalhousie , Ottawa , Calgary, Queen’s , Saskatchewan , Waterloo and Western leaders in research , providing personalized support to international students and researchers sponsored and funding agencies that support them.

Meanwhile, Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge is a network made up of 19 Colombian Higher Education Institutions ( HEIS) in high quality accredited campaign , with support from the Ministry of Education , Icetex Colciencias and Proexport, among other strategic allies seeks to promote Colombia as a destination for academic and scientific collaboration and for this, he has been doing important work to promote the internationalization of higher education system in Colombia .

In his tour of the country , ending March 14 , CALDO be visiting institutions of higher education in the cities of Bogota, Pereira , Manizales , Medellin , Barranquilla , Cartagena and Bucaramanga , where they will promote scholarships and student exchange teachers and researchers and promoting joint research projects and internships for masters and doctoral students , including joint actions to strengthen relations between the Universities of Canada and Colombia .

This instrument of cooperation is framed in the internationalization of higher education which promotes the Ministry of Education , through its educational policy that seeks to promote the bonds of cooperation and integration of the Higher Education Institutions ( HEIs) with peers elsewhere in the world, in order to achieve greater international presence and visibility.

Do Children who are Educated at Home are Better Prepared ?

Do Children who are Educated at Home are Better Prepared ?Dessiree Martinez teaches primary and secondary. Her students are her daughters. Only his daughters. Two years ago , she and her husband decided to take over the education of girls , who currently have 11 and 14 , and impart lessons at home.

One of several factors that led to this decision was the desire to give more space to extracurricular activities – you ever had to spend less time loading tasks , and to give them the opportunity to lead a more personalized education and the growing insecurity in Monterrey schools , threatened by organized crime .

Neither the third article of the Mexican Constitution , which speaks of compulsory education – or the Education Act is talk that children must attend a school for education . Given this legal vacuum , the Martinez family decided to ” gamble ” and prove the basic education of their daughters with examinations of the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA ) .

This scheme is also frequently used by students in schools with a foreign curriculum not validates the Secretariat of Public Education ( SEP) : interested students presented in INEA request to accredit their primary or secondary , the INEA gives them the materials to be produced and assigns a date for the exam.

Martinez educate their daughters based on a mixture of materials and INEA a U.S. school that supports homeschooling families .

“If they want to go to college , they could if they have a certificate , they are complicated , so what we did is that here in Mexico , through the INEA , there is help for children validate their studies or through schools United States to help us with the curriculum they dictate ( … ) we make planning all year , they are sent to them and end up with papers, photographs, videos, tests could hacerseles the kids create their transcript of the entire year, “said Martinez.

Asked SEP CNNMexico statistics on children studying at home in Mexico , but no one was available to provide information .

On the Internet , dozens of blogs invite other parents to practice home schooling and educational guide to overcoming some challenges. One is the Learn with wings , who founded Laura Castellanos , a professor of musical language and literacy to educate their daughters ages 5 and 9 community. In his blog , share your experiences.

Martinez also has a community called Family Tribe , seeking to guide other parents and give each other advice on the best methods of teaching.

” It came exactly two years ago to talk about how we were educating girls , for dads who start , and were complementing , speaking respectfully parenting and home schooling , among other things. We started to give talks via the Internet to give other parents the information we have with our experience , “he says .

The disadvantages ? Worth ?

” There are many benefits of individualized education because you can go at your pace , because you can delve into the issues that matter most , because you can move from the interest of the children, the projects they are developing , their concern about certain issues and get to know too of course serves to go consolidating autonomy on self-learning , “he said in an interview Marco Antonio Delgado Fuentes, specialist and Early Childhood Education and Coordinator of Inter Doctorate in Education from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

However, he warns that to get home schooling , parents should have knowledge of different teaching methods.

One drawback could be the lack of social spaces , as some children receiving no formal education do not attend school regularly places where they can meet other children their age , says academic .

Although Martinez ‘s daughters take English classes daily and archery training , allowing them to socialize with children his age , to Patricia Bermudez Lozano , an academic at the School of Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM ) , the ideal for the formation of the personality of the child is attending a school and living with other children on a regular basis . This becomes even more important if parents do not have resources to pay for extracurricular classes.

” Yes there needs to be a coexistence and cooperation, to collaborate and interact with other peers , because the more we can share knowledge and stimulate discussion , reflection and exchange of ideas, it is obviously going to be much better,” explains Bermudez.

Home schooling is a challenge not only for children , Bermudez said, but also for parents to be fully devoted to the education of their children and commit to not only educate them to pass exams, but to instill some discipline they help in their working lives in the future. Notes that in this sense, not all parents have a suitable personality to educate their children at home, a factor to be taken into account before making the decision to remove the children from school .

” Habemos some (parents or relatives) who are certainly very scattered , we have no plan and organize our own time and then when we want to make someone else responsible , for that same feature does not suit us ,” says Delgado, and adds that while parents who choose to educate their children at home must not have specific characteristics, it is important to know what parts of your personality can use to benefit their children.

” Not all people are equal and there is a lot of diversity of personalities among teachers, but what you would expect from a good teacher preparation is to learn to know what are the strengths and personality are so use them for learning students “he says.

Martinez believes that home schooling can enhance skills in children than in a traditional system would be impossible. For his daughters , one of them is in the Talent Program of SEP and every Saturday is a special group that takes a program in mathematics and physics high performance to compete in the Olympics of Knowledge. The other recently exhibited his paintings at the Art Gallery of Nuevo Le0n.

Given the experience with his first two daughters , who considered successful and better than in a traditional school , the 36-year regiomontana educate her two and a half years alone at home and no longer a prior period schooled in a system as it did with girls 11 and 14 .

“What we want is to give them tools that really in the future, we do not know how it is to be, will be useful for them as human beings to develop,” he says.

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Digitization is Implanted in the Health and Education

Digitization is Implanted in the Health and EducationAs has picked up the report, the administration , health and education are areas of activity where Internet use is increasing its impact on citizens.

In our country the Health has experienced significant progress . 54% of users use the network to request appointments and 90 % of physicians access to data and information through at least two digital devices.

Mobile applications are already the main access to medical information by professionals and more than 42% of physicians used in combination the computer, smartphone and tablet for it. The rate of use of eHealth services in Spain is one of the highest in Europe .

The increased use of mobile technologies will be an important source of savings in health care costs per capita .

Education also is scanned through the “digital backpack ” school content and applications begin to be instituted in schools.

Currently the ” digital backpack ” is being piloted with 3,000 students in 45 schools of Castilla- La Mancha and is expected to experience extends throughout the national territory in 2014.

This measure will have a great impact on society , and that her family will get a 80% saving on household spending on school books, from 250 to 50 euros , as highlighted by the report.

The use of ICT in education is a reality in the early stages of schooling. All schools have been including technology to support teaching. Thus, the number of computers has grown today to a computer for every 2.8 students in primary and secondary education .

The Cancellation of the Test Link for Basic Education 2014/2015

The cancellation of the test link for basic education 2014/2015The cancellation of the ENLACE test for the 2014-2015 Basic Education is another example of how dysfunctional is our educational system. Their disappearance means not count in this school year with a standardized measurement of achievement of all Mexican students and the time series of performance results is interrupted. The INEE gives no technical justification beyond saying he is doing a study to issue guidelines which would be a second-generation test (full disclosure , I am part of this study ) . Why would it be valid and useful for LINK School Education and Basic Education is not for a mystery.

Remove LINK is a mistake. First , it ignores the daily use that principals , parents and education authorities to give evidence. LINK had multiple uses with this decision are ignored, or discarded altogether. One of the biggest controversies arising from its use LINK to grant wage premia Teaching Career . And this is where it is the largest exhibition of dysfunctionality . Until there is another set of stimuli replacing , Carrera Magisterial continues. And to assess student learning for the factor used SEP Old School Achievement Test . As virtually the same costs apply PAE ENLACE , the result is that we are in a worse situation (a test of lower quality and opaque for a controversial use) rather than what we already had (proof of acceptable quality, uses much broader and more transparent ) .

Second, the cancellation of ENLACE assessment suggests or makes perfectly good or not done. That position is understandable coming from INEE , but stickler . LINK has flaws like many other measurement instruments, which can be corrected themselves . In addition , the test has technical support . Since 2007 SEP conducts periodic reviews made by external institutions , which are published in the technical manual. In general , the quality of the test is acceptable . LINK had improved, but not eliminated . No need to throw out the bath water with the child inside .

Third, the census standardized tests, type LINK serve a central purpose of accountability. In a country where there is enormous heterogeneity in teaching skills , it is important for parents and the authorities have a measure of accomplishment that does not depend on personal judgment of each teacher. Because make no mistake, this is not a decision that was made after reviewing the psychometric test indicators . In the background there is a disagreement on the definition of what constitutes educational accountability and assessment. What this suggests is a decision intended to eliminate the census standardized assessment students in Mexico .

With all its limitations standardized assessment census is important and necessary given the context of extreme inequality as ours. INEE ‘s arguments for removing LINK are unconvincing. The SEP are even less. The Secretariat of Basic Education would have to explain why your level would not be valid or useful which itself is approved for Superior Media . The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation should clarify which instruments will carry out its core activities ( planning and evaluation ) , since they no longer have the time series and results for all schools . This decision represents a setback for the culture of evaluation , continuous improvement and educational accountability accounts was barely achieving consolidation in our country.

Applications at The Service of Education of Children

Applications at The Service of Education of ChildrenNot everything is entertainment at this technological world, we have an obligation to learn to use the Internet and, above all, the tools that tablets and smartphones have. This post is focused on smaller home, your brother, your child, or your grandchild.

Often people outside this topic, usually adults, naturally disinterest not understand the child or adolescent when they spend time online. If before the problem was the PC, now smartphones and tablets became the protagonists in discussions at home. But if we could master some of these tools could be used for the benefit of both.

Knowing some applications for education of children can lend a hand in daily tasks, we can help control potential addictions (with technology), restrict access and contribute to the growth of their knowledge of the digital world, living at the same with real life. And so understand and improve the relationship with them.

The apps with educational content are not only designed to be attractive but to also be effective. Nowadays many schools and educational institutions that support the use of technology to children’s cognitive development, which specific products for learning multiply.

Can specialized education apps be good enough to support the formation and development of children? Below I offer 10 educational applications that promote and develop the skills of your children and let you spend more time with them.

Pursuing Educational Process With Children


Pursuing Educational Process With ChildrenCurrently the home schooling children is not a new phenomenon at all. From the beginning until today there has been a greater or lesser extent, but it has always existed. In the past this was the only form of intellectual instruction.

It is defined as the process by pursuing the education of children only in the context of the family home or close circles, such as: family, neighbors … But leaving aside completely the educational laws and schools both public and private.

Why families choose homeschooling?

There are several reasons why some families choose homeschooling, some of these are: educational, religious or ideological … Other families believe that the most appropriate alternative for the acquisition of knowledge and skills to their children.

Legal guardians of these children, they choose because they are able to offer a global education, ie equal to or better than that offered by schools.

Do you have to follow the official curriculum?

The answer to this question will depend on the educational strategies that parents choose to educate their children.

Some families follow strict agendas and other official use them as reference, but interest prevails, the natural curiosity of the child for a few issues and how to address it more attractive, thus motivating them and do not follow any structured curriculum type. In all cases, what prevails is a comprehensive education.

Is homeschooling legal in Spain?

The Declaration of the Rights of the Child says that all children have the right to education and that parents or guardians have the primary responsibility for education. The Spanish constitution enshrines freedom of education and the preferential right of parents to choose the kind of education they deem appropriate for their children.

The LOE does not expressly recognize this educational option.

Sometimes, this situation leads to confrontations with the administration in general from social services or in cases of unschooling. The school files a complaint detect when the child does not go to it repeatedly, and educational inspection requests a report to social services of the municipality. This report is transferred to service under the corresponding community in their truancy cabinets, collect all the information. In some cases, how it proves not to be equated with home schooling absenteeism and attrition, is filed directly. In other cases, the entire file is sent to the prosecution of minors who will be responsible for filing the case or take it to the judge.


In my opinion the parents or guardians of the child are fully entitled to take over the education of their sons and daughters for the reasons they deem appropriate.

An important aspect to note is that children are educated exclusively at home, they will always associate with the same people, but that they have more time to live with people of different ages and conditions. By not going to school children do not have a daily interaction with peers and with teachers.

Parents who educate their children at home, are parents who have good knowledge and skills and have the ability to educate their children.


The Importance of Education at Home

The Importance of Education at HomeThe education of a person, understood as the process of socialization and learning aimed at intellectual and ethical development of a person varies depending on various factors. Factors that have different weight in the final result.

It’s amazing what can change someone’s personality depending on where you are born, you go to school, friends or even having climate where you live.

But there is something that to me is more important than that for the configuration of a person’s character, their parents.

Many times we find behaviors that surprise and impact and we tend to find an explanation for this behavior. On many occasions may have been exceptional cases with exceptional circumstances. But let’s stick to the common people, that we see every day in the classroom, on the street, partying … These people have great similarities and great differences, and if you have been in an almost identical, where is the distinguishing factor ? Probably in the education they receive at home.

Some parents who spend time with their children and worry that assimilate certain values, which are that they want to convey, have reported a child to cope with life situations with some confidence. As these values can discern right from wrong.

There are exceptions, as in everything and for everything. But it is true that parents get (if they try) a moral force that no other factor can easily corrupt.

If I just look around me, the changes in behavior that are seen in a segment of young people either are minimal. That is, or one of two things: either the parents have very homogeneous moral values, or there is a very clear lack of care and education leading subjects prone to adapt his personality to the group with which it interacts, drifting people more confident in themselves, whether or not they are right.

The aim of education should be to instill enough confidence in the individual to make their own decisions, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking, by not accepting the imposition of a standard set by means of force or coercion and with Over time, form their own intellectual and moral values.